Sunday, 19 February 2012

Makeup Geek eyeshadow refills

I've been following Marlena of Makeup Geek on YouTube and on her website for the past year, and she has done an excellent job of turning her makeup addiction into a successful business.  She is a fantastic makeup artist and her tutorials, which range from basic beginner techniques to advanced dramatic looks, are easy to follow.  She also has a sweet demeanor that makes her a pleasure to watch.

Although Marlena started out using using mainly MAC products in her tutorials, she soon branched out and began giving inexpensive alternatives for her viewers to "get the look for less". She now makes an effort to use a variety of different brands, both high-end and drugstore, to create gorgeous makeup looks (and always gives low-cost dupes for any pricey products she may use).  I think this strategy has allowed her tutorials to remain accessible to a wide audience.  She also runs a store on her website, which provides access to the inexpensive alternatives she lists (and ships worldwide).

I have been taking advantage of the Makeup Geek store since I started watching Marlena's tutorials, since there are many brands or certain products that are not readily available in Canada.  I was incredibly excited when Marlena announced that she was launching her own Makeup Geek makeup line in the Fall of 2011.  Since she is so honest with her product reviews, and is clearly a stickler for quality products (regardless of the price), I knew that she would be especially particular about the quality of her own line.  The other bonus is that she wanted to make her products more affordable for those of us who cannot justify spending MAC or other high-end prices for great products.  Her recently released MUG eyeshadow refill pans are now used as the dupes for the high-end products she uses in some of her tutorials.

So far, 51 shades of the Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans have been released.  There are still more shades in the works, and the shadows will eventually be released in compact form as well.  The refill pans fit into MAC palettes (though they would need a magnet attached to the back) or any comparable palettes, and they also magnetize (on their own) into Z palettes.   I have purchased 31 shades so far, and I have not been disappointed by their texture or pigmentation.  They are incredibly smooth and easy to work with, and the colours are vibrant and beautiful.  I will include swatches of the shades I have (you can also find swatches of all shades on the Makeup Geek store site):

Left to right: Moondust, Mercury, Shimma Shimma
Ice Queen, White Lies, Corrupt, Galaxy

Left to right: Ocean Breeze, Shimmermint, Poison
Ivy, Dirty Martini, Envy
Left to right: Purple Rain, Sensuous, Twilight, Chickadee,
Burlesque, Cupcake, Neptune, Peacock, Sea Mist,
 Duchess, Wisteria, Unexpected
Left to right: Cocoa Bear, Glamorous, Latte, Preppy,
Purely Naked, Mocha, Bada-Bing
All 51 shades are currently available at  for $5.99 each.  Z palettes are also available in the store as a convenient option for customizable palettes.  As I mentioned previously, the store also offers worldwide shipping for very affordable prices.  Makeup Geek lipsticks, lipglosses, and blushes are also in the works, and should be released in the coming months.  Congratulations to Marlena and her Makeup Geek team on putting out an excellent product and keep up the good work!

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